A co-production between the Royal Shakespeare Company and amateur companies across the UK

This is an arrangement developed between the RSC and Equity

A Scottish Bottom

Our Associate Director Sophie Ivatts continues to traverse the country with our production – A Midsummer Night’s Dream: A Play For The Nation.


Glasgow. What a week! Full houses, a gem of an auditorium at the Citizens Theatre, and a most marvellous team of fine amateur actors.

Going up the week before to rehearse with the Citizen Dream Players, I found them in very good shape and hotly anticipating the arrival of the full professional team. They had worked very hard under the direction of Guy Hollands, associate director at the Citz, who had managed to navigate our strange rehearsal process, striking the perfect balance between Erica’s direction and their own unique flair.

Michael Corbidge our voice coach and I had such fun polishing and playing with the scenes, and enjoying the delights of Glasgow. Bill (playing Snug) took us on a day-trip to the lovely Loch Lomand and I spent Easter day on the beautiful Isle of Arran.

All of the Dream Players are a remarkable example of amateur acting at it’s best: instinctive, responsive, and warm-hearted. The professional company had a good laugh working with them and I very nearly welled up on the last performance when they took at little extra bow to their amateur colleagues. It was whiskies all round on the last night.

 A special mention must go to Martin, our Scottish Bottom. Martin himself is a good stretch more dashing than Bottom, and yet he lapped up direction from day one until the final night, and went on a journey to becoming the most loveable, goofy, earthy Bottom you could wish to see play opposite the glamorous likes of Ayesha Dharker’s Titania. He donned full tartan clansman gear for Pyramus and Thisbe and even made his very own clay-more- which was actually bigger than some cast members!  

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