A co-production between the Royal Shakespeare Company and amateur companies across the UK

This is an arrangement developed between the RSC and Equity

Cari Barley

Cari is a member of the Everyman Theatre group and is playing the part of Quince.

Party Trick:

Owl hooting and cuckoo nesting

What would your Midsummer night costume be?

Sophocles’ robes

Favourite Shakespeare play:


What do you have on your toast?

Lashings of butter and slivers of marmite

Wildest Dream?

A mad hatter’s tea party with the Beatles

Shoe size?


Tea or coffee?

Lapsang Souchong

Quill or Ballpoint?

Quill of course

What would your Halloween costume be?

The Child Catcher

Do you believe in love at first sight?


The venue

New Theatre

The New Theatre (Welsh: Theatr Newydd, although it usually uses its English name as a title) is one of the principal theatres in Cardiff,capital city of Wales, and celebrated its centenary in 2006. It is located in Cardiff city centre on Park Place, close to Cathays Park.