A co-production between the Royal Shakespeare Company and amateur companies across the UK

This is an arrangement developed between the RSC and Equity

Ian Rowe

Ian is a member of the Poulton Drama Group and will be playing the part of Snug.

Party Trick:

Recitation: There’s a one eyed yellow idol etc.

What would your Midsummer night costume be?

Period work clothes and a ridiculous wig.

Favourite Shakespeare play:

The Taming of the Shrew

What do you have on your toast?

Honey, Marmalade or Jam.

Wildest Dream?

To win the lottery

Shoe size?


Tea or coffee?

Black, weak tea without sugar.

Quill or Ballpoint?


What would your Halloween costume be?


Do you believe in love at first sight?


The venue

Blackpool Grand Theatre

The Grand Theatre was opened on July 23, 1894, by Thomas Sergenson, Blackpool’s first successful theatrical manager.

Sergenson immediately dubbed the theatre ‘Matcham’s Masterpiece’, a title that is even more merited now that there are few surviving examples of the work of Frank Matcham, the leading Victorian theatre architect.