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Sketching Dream From The Other Side Of The World

Shakespeare fan Beth Tang has been sharing her doodles with us throughout the Dream journey.

Living in Singapore, she couldn’t come over to see the shows in the UK.

But that didn’t stop her being part of our story…

In April 2016, artist Beth Tang had decided to commemorate the bard’s death with a ‘Shakespeare 2016’ doodle that she shared on Instagram. She then set herself the challenge of sketching 400 different images relating to Shakespeare’s body of work.

Following her first doodle, that of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Beth sent words of encouragement and luck to all the amateurs taking part in our ‘Play for the Nation’. The rest was history. More #dream2016 doodles followed.

‘I wanted to capture your performance and energy,’ says Beth. ‘Watching your tour travel from afar, every UK venue clearly had its own unique gem, something that made the play shine and truly become a play for the entire nation. I wanted to help capture that.’

From good luck cards, to full group portraits, Beth’s drawings have documented our journey in a creative and artistic way. Beth even captured some of our unexpected incidents! ‘My lovely floral wreath sketch is for Dominic and Lily, their engagement and the birth of Edith,’ she says.

‘Maybe one day the technology used for the group rehearsals in this project will make it possible for me to see you from the other side of the world. Being so far away means I couldn’t travel to the UK to see this amazing play. If I could have been to every place… Scotland, Wales, Truro, London…. I would. Instead, I was there in spirit, doodling your adventure. An adventure I will never forget.’

See more of Beth’s art on her Instagram.

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