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This is an arrangement developed between the RSC and Equity

Something Wonderful

Sue Downing from The Nonentities thought she had everything she needed. Until Dream came along.

Post-Christmas lunch 2015 and we’re washing up, my daughter-in-law and me.

We’d had a few too many sherries and the rum sauce was rare. Picking over the crunchy bits of left-over roasted vegetables we discover the turkey’s wishbone.

‘Pull this with me?’ she pleaded. I licked my greasy fingers and focused. ‘There’s nothing I need,’ I replied, ‘I’ve got everything I want. Ask somebody else.’

Little did I know, exactly a month later I’d be submitting an application form the size of a dissertation, by hand to the Stage Door at the RSC. I’d had a week to sort out a cast, throw caution to the wind and attempt to be part of the biggest challenge of my life!

The rest is history as they say. But, if I had known then about the Dream16 project, would I have wished for it with that bone? Now that might have been tempting fate!

I was asked by the BBC when filming us for The Best Bottoms in the Land, just how being involved made me feel.

’It’s like being in love,’ I replied. ‘You can go about your every day business and forget about it. Then something hits you in the pit of your stomach and you remember – something wonderful is happening to me.’

And something did, and I’ll carry it with me for the rest of my life.

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